List of team trophies

Blood Bowl
Blood Bowl '22 Ye National Cheese Emporium Skaven
Blood Bowl '18 Blundering Blunderbusses Chaos Dwarf
Blood Bowl 2017 Blundering Blunderbusses Chaos Dwarf
Blood Bowl 2016 Jurassic Park Lizardmen
The Blood Bowl Pretty Butterflies Orc

Chaos Cup
Chaos 2023 Jurassic Park Lizardmen
Chaos cup 2022 Insurrectionists Chaos
Chaos 2019 Blundering Blunderbusses Chaos Dwarf
Chaos Cup 18' Jurassic Park Lizardmen
Chaos Cup 2017 Nuffle's Hornets Human
Chaos Cup 2015 Krunch Chaos
Chaos Cup Bolgrath Berserkers Dwarf

Dungeon Bowl
Dungeon Bowl 23 Woodland Realm Wood Elf
Dungeon - 2022 Woodland Realm Wood Elf
Dungeon 2019 Spreading the Disease Nurgle
Dungeon Bowl 18 Spreading the Disease Nurgle
DungeonBowl '16 Krunch Chaos
Dungeon Bowl 15 Krunch Chaos
Dungeon Bowl Fast Hand of Death Necromantic
The Dungeonbowl Bolgrath Berserkers Dwarf

Mithril Spike
Mithril 22' Woodland Realm Wood Elf
Spike Cup 2021 Woodland Realm Wood Elf
Mithril 2019 Ye National Cheese Emporium Skaven
Spike Cup 2018 Blundering Blunderbusses Chaos Dwarf
2016 Mithril Sp Jurassic Park Lizardmen
Spike Magazine Darkraven Dreadknights Dark Elf


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